II Arenas Teaching Symposium

The II Arenas Teaching Symposium took place at the Colegio Arenas Sur on 25th – 27th June. Over these three days the participants enjoyed talks and workshops on a wide range of topics related to teaching English given by a number of experts in the field, such as Nina Lauder, Igor Gavilán, Alix Treguenza, Shawn Redwood, Andrea Littlewood and Samantha Lewis.

A huge thank you to the team of organisers for putting this conference together and achieving such a great atmosphere, and particularly to Laly Ramírez for her tremendous hard work. This was a very enjoyable conference, and I look forward to participating in the III Arenas Teaching symposium next year.

My Presentation




Press releases

‘Presentación del II Arenas Teaching Symposium’

‘La ULPGC y el Colegio Arenas Sur celebrarán el II Arenas Teaching Symposium’

‘La Facultad de Filología vuelve a colaborar en el ‘II Arenas Teaching Symposium: Thinking Outside the Box’

‘El II Arenas Teaching Symposium se despide con la entrega de diplomas’

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