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The aim of this blog is to provide ideas and support for teachers of English, primarily in Spain.

About me

TESOL Madrid Mini-Conference, 15th February 2013: Getting Them Speaking!

I have been teaching English in the bilingual system in Madrid for over twenty years, and am currently involved in the design and development of a bilingual programme in a group of private schools.

In addition to my work in schools, I have been a Speaking examiner for the Cambridge English exams for the last 17 years, and work freelance as a teacher trainer, giving talks in various ELT conferences, in Spain and around Europe.

My main interests are in the development of language skills, particularly speaking and writing, and in the preparation of the Cambridge exams.



Interview on You Tube (Writing Activities for the Primary Classroom)


5 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Nice blog – and relevant to the needs of today. With your permission, I would like to refer followers and those who might be interested to your blog – and, with your permission, reblog some of your posts that fit what I am doing — giving total credit to you, of course. My blog address if you are interested is: http://criticalskillsblog.com

    Charlie Jett

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