Welcome to IATEFL-Hungary’s online conference coverage

Another great opportunity!

IATEFL-Hungary blog

Not having attended the 23rd IATEFL-Hungary conference doesn’t mean you can’t get a flavour of it. After last year’s successful online coverage (see Eger Online blog), our enthusiastic team was again on an incredible journey through the world of professional development.
2013’s online coverage featured…
  1. workshop tasters by speakers – Go to ‘Interviews & Reflections
  2. live-streamed sessions on October 5th – Go to ‘Live channel
  3. recorded interviews with some renowned speakers and participants – Go to ‘Interviews & Reflections
  4. downloadable session materials – Go to ‘Materials
  5. roving reports by participants – Go to ‘Interviews & Reflections
  6. blog posts by participants and speakers – Go to ‘Interviews & Reflections

Many thanks to everyone in the online team for making this initiative a huge success.

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