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One of the skills which as teachers we should be working hard to develop in our students is critical thinking (for a critical thinking lesson plan of mine, click here). In this article, John Hughes (elteachertrainer) explains how to develop questioning skills based on critical thinking in the classroom.


Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters – Defragmenting Foreign Language Learning (TESOL Greece 2013)


Here is a link to Marisa Constantinides’s report on her extremely interesting talk ‘Defragmenting foreign language learning’, given at TESOL Greece this year:

Ben Goldstein



Ben Goldstein talks about his closing plenary session at The Image Conference in Barcelona on Saturday 8th June.

You can read more about Ben and his session here.


The Moving Image: A history of video in ELT

Closing plenary

BenGoldstein Richmond

19-00 – 20.00

From the BBC’s series Follow Me in the 1970s to the YouTube Generation and the Decentralized Classroom, how has the role of video changed in the last 40 years? This talk will look at how the moving image has moved on and analyse what may happen in the future.

Ben Goldstein has taught English for over twenty years and currently works on The New School’s MATESOL program (New York). He is lead author of the adult coursebook series New Framework and The Big Picture (Richmond). He has also published Working with Images and English Unlimited Advanced (Cambridge). His interests in ELT include images, intercultural…

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