Video-based reflection for teachers, Part 1 – Evolutions

This is the first part of what promises to be a very interesting and thorough series of posts which should provoke a good deal of reflection among us teacher. I’m looking forward to the next parts.

100th Post

This is my 100th post on this blog, and I feel this is a good occasion to thank all the people who have visited this site and shown interest in what I have published here. I hope you have found it useful.

thank you for your attention

Using a genre approach for writing

For several years I have used a genre approach to teaching writing, and have spoken about it at conferences and in in-house training sessions. Here is an article which explains how to use this approach, which I think is very interesting:

Using a genre approach for writing.

Watch “Michael Halliday – Language evolving: Some systemic functional reflections on the history of meaning” on YouTube

A chance to see Michael Halliday in action: