Upcoming Events: TESOL Spain Annual National Convention


The 36th TESOL Spain Annual National Convention is on from 8th March to 10th March with the Title ‘Teaching with Technology and the Human Touch’. The venue this year is The Universidad de Sevilla. As always, there are many interesting talks and workshops in the programme. Take a look at the pre-programme here.

I will be giving my talk ‘Peer response in the writing process‘ in Room 204 on Saturday 9th March at 10:45, and on Sunday 10th March I will be running my workshop ‘Getting them speaking‘ in Room 203. I hope to see you there.

Sound advice on how to approach a conference – particularly with TESOL Spain only three days away!

This is the summary of the first #eltchat on Wednesday 14th March 2012. To find out exactly what #eltchat is, click here.

With IATEFL 2012 fast approaching and in the midst of the spring conference season, this #eltchat was aimed at helping both those who can and can’t attend conferences to get the maximum possible benefit from them.

Before you go

Try to research the people and organisations who will be there. Find people on Twitter if possible – this should make it easier to recognise new faces.

Research speakers you plan to see – this will help you to decide which sessions to attend.

Make sure your bags aren’t too full – there is always something which you must buy!

While you’re there

Go to sessions you’re most interested in, not just because you feel you SHOULD go to a certain session. Do you really want…

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